“Mistrace Love”


Fragments of your presence
recur through my mind
reviving the ruins of hate/love mingled.

Pieces of your perplexed love,
scattered throughout my mind
leaving me in a state of confusion,
I can’t figure you out.

It could be,
that forever you linger
in straight paths of memory
When we were together.
Debilitated by the lack of my willpower.
Reminiscing from the historic,
How you captivated me with your scene.

We were building at one point
but it seems like it was only one of us putting in effort.
Seems like only one of us cared about the destruction of our love.

a impaired sample,
in the ruins of my heart
flashback of how we collapsed
amplified the memories

I struggled to obstruct.
Motionless as I think,
sensual moments, tender pleasures.
my body deny’s loosening ceased, 

remembering your love
so soothing but, I guess I was your something
when you…

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